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Terms and conditions

Business Terms and Conditions for the Friðheimar Online Store
● These terms apply to the sale of Friðheimar products to consumers.
● The terms, confirmed with the confirmation of the purchase, form the basis of the transactions.
● These consumer purchases are discussed in the Consumer Sales Act, the Contract Act, the Electronic Commerce Act and other electronic services, the Legal Competence Act, and the Personal Data Protection and Processing Act.
● According to Act No. 16/2016 on door-to-door and distance contracts, the customer has the right to return a product within 14 days and receive a refund without specifying any reason, provided that the product is in its original packaging. Food items ordered in the online store cannot be returned.

Hereafter, the seller is Friðheimar, located at Friðheimum, Bláskógabyggð, 806 Selfoss, with the ID 5701140420. The purchaser is the party registered as the buyer on the invoice.

An order is binding when it is registered on the seller’s server. This happens when the purchaser has confirmed the order. The seller is also obligated to process the buyer’s order as long as it conforms to the product selection and pricing. All orders that are suspected of being fraudulent and/or affected by a software glitch are canceled. The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase according to the Consumer Sales Act, see more in Article 11.

The seller sends the buyer a confirmation when an order is registered, only if the buyer has provided an email address during the purchase. The buyer is advised to carefully review the order confirmation when it arrives. It should also be ensured that it corresponds to the intended order. Deviations from the order and order confirmation shall be interpreted as a new offer from the seller, which can be declined or accepted. The buyer also has the right to maintain the original order as long as it corresponds to what the seller offered.

The seller provides product information to the best of their knowledge at all times. The seller publishes all information subject to errors, viruses, print, display, and typing errors in text, prices, and images. The product selection may differ between the online store and the physical store. Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to cancel the purchaser’s order in whole or in part if the product is sold out. Under those circumstances, the buyer will receive a notification along with information about possible alternatives. The buyer then has the option to accept that proposal or cancel the order in its entirety.

Prices may change at the seller’s discretion. Price increases that occur after the customer’s order are not retroactive. The price that was valid when the order was made and is indicated on the order confirmation applies. The total cost is stated before the buyer confirms the order finally. This includes the key cost of the order such as products, etc. Shipping costs are according to the carrier’s price list at the time. If the shipping cost is not paid at the time of purchase, it is charged according to the carrier’s price list. Only exceptional cases may incur additional costs after order confirmation. Examples include errors, viruses, print, display, and typing errors in text, prices, and images.

Delivery is considered within a reasonable time from the date of the invoice. The purchase process indicates what can be expected based on the chosen delivery method. The seller only delivers goods within Iceland and selected foreign countries. If delivery is delayed, the seller will notify the buyer along with information about when the order will be ready for delivery or offer substitute products if the product is sold out. All damage to products by the carrier is their responsibility and fully compensated to the customer. Damage after the product has been delivered is the responsibility of the buyer.
After receiving the order, the buyer must check if it is consistent with the order confirmation, if anything was damaged during transport, and if all products are as described and free from defects. A reasonable inspection period for the customer is considered to be within 30 days. After 30 days, the seller reserves the right to verify the buyer’s claim within a reasonable timeframe before resolving the buyer’s complaint. In most cases, this involves inspection by an authorized service provider.

If the product is defective or something is missing from it, the seller is obligated to offer the buyer a new product, a discount, or a cancellation of the purchase. Depending on the circumstances, the choice of remedy will vary each time. A notification of a defect must be made verbally or in writing.